About Us

G Energy Wind Group is one of the Independent Power producers in India who’s primary focus is on wind Energy. G energy wind Group has been contributing for the development-dreams of India by finding ultimate resolution for innumerable worries over power demand. G Energy Wind Group is looking forward to serve its people by adequate electricity with an eco-friendly agenda. G Energy Wind group is disciplined company with a solid reputation for innovation, excellence, responsiveness, and commitment. The G Energy Wind Group has taken innovative steps to stay competitive in a difficult economic environment and further the growth in the Wind energy sector .The objective of the Group is to build a clean energy platform and deliver cost-effective power. Our motive is to install Wind Power projects of Renewable Energy across the Globe.

• Our vision is to forge ahead with courage and innovation, to be an exemplary organization.
• We will synergize ourselves for continued, enhanced performance.
• We will foster a culture of care for our stakeholders, and channel our efforts with integrity to build their trust.
• Our mission is to deliver projects from concept, to commissioning, to lifetime care, using state-of-the-art grid-friendly wind power plants that generate clean and cost-effective energy.
• We will be a motivated and responsive partner, committed to quality and timely performance.
• We will actively promote and propagate the use of wind energy, as an environment friendly resource.
• We shall relentlessly pursue growth, by constantly challenging ourselves.
• We will work towards being the most trusted wind energy company.

Advantages of Wind Power

It’s a clean fuel source. Wind energy doesn’t pollute the air like power plants that rely on combustion of fossil fuels, such as coal or natural gas. Wind turbines don’t produce atmospheric emissions that cause acid rain or greenhouse gases, they will not produce any wastes too .

•  Wind turbines reduce Carbon emission .

•  Wind turbines installed  land  can be used for agricultural purposes too.

•  Wind energy on the other hand has created many jobs for the local people.

•  Wind Turbines work continuously , 24 x 7 .



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